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Ricasoli Group organizes State visits for Heads of State, government, and diplomatic personnel across the globe. Find out below, how our support during your delegation trips and global summits ensures the best results, providing you with skilled consultants and 24/7 assistance. We are the partner who enhances your reputation.


Ricasoli Group supports Government and State Officials alongside diplomatic personnel during their delegation trips, managing every detail. Planning transport, logistical needs, and giving attention to the finer details with flexible itineraries that ensure safety.


Ricasoli Group works to your timings and choices, offering services and logistical support for you and your entire team. The Agency has a strict work ethic of only partnering with highly experienced, accredited, discreet specialists globally who work to the same high standards set by the Agency. This means every travel option is open to discussion, from chauffeur services and commercial flights to private aircrafts.


Ricasoli Group ensures the total safety and comfort of your delegation trip, finding the best arrangements for you and your team by a wide network of trusted contacts in every continent, finding you the perfect location. From presidential suites and penthouse apartments through to 5* hotels at the heart of a city, the accommodation options always deliver what you want.

Complying with Protocol

At Ricasoli Group each security assessment is a priority. Every situation that may lead to a safety and security threat is identified by the Agency constantly monitoring in real time. Following State protocol, it ensures excellent preparation, high-level security access, surveillance and ongoing security assessment before and during your trip. The Agency guarantees full co-operation with security services.

Assistance 24/7

Ricasoli Group Is available 24/7 for any support you or your team may need. From advice, guidance, and logistics through to managing visiting delegations or making plan changes, Ricasoli Group will be there for you. With access to a range of international functions around the globe, we are able to get reservations for all types of delegation trips to make your itinerary successful.



Ricasoli Group assists you to reach successful international summits and multinational conferences. The Agency supports you all over their complete agenda. Diplomats and their delegation have the guarantee to avoid waste of time and resolve any kind of situation.

Red Tape Documentation

Accreditation documentation and any other needed paperwork for you, your delegation, team, and drivers can be organized by Ricasoli Group with confidence and ease. We arrange for any official badge, ticket or other accreditation, giving you all the red tape documentation you need for the global summit. We know all the guidelines, rules, and regulations to complete the work to your deadlines and deliver on time and in full. We save you valued time.

Assistance 24/7

Ricasoli Group is available for any support assisting you 24/7. When a situation seems impossible to resolve, Ricasoli Group knows the solution, prioritises your needs and takes the stress out of any problem at any time of the day or night. The agency organises your transfers with little or no notice, synchronises your timetable, enabling smooth, punctual and comfortable transfers according to your delegation.

Photo & Filming

Ricasoli Group’s professional production team will shadow you during summits or conferences to document and capture every moment, and will also shoot footage of your daily activities. This professional filming reflects the quality of your occasions and the media content is then edited in post-production with the intent to share your summit with the world.

Multilingual Translation

Clear concise communication is a top priority for State visits, multi-national seminars, global conferences, delegation trips and other high-level occasions, so Ricasoli Group provides professional translators to suit your needs. All languages are available. At the global summit, Ricasoli Group provides simultaneous translation systems, translation booths and online streaming translation, as well as personal translators.



Maintaining and improving your positive global image is vital. When communicating with media, world-wide governing bodies and the public, communication should be guided by strict code to maintain your success.

Official Branding

Representing and communicating the values, reputation and key messages of government requires a co-ordinated and solid brand image. Ricasoli Group works to improve your brand identity, redesigning logos and your communication tools such as brochures, invitations, business cards, websites and even merchandise. The Agency with his team reinvent, reinforce, and secure your global brand to target your market in the most efficient and effective way.

Social Media

Ricasoli Group offers you the best experts and consultants to support you on managing your social media. Our advisors are skilled on following Government and diplomatic communication rules. Our team and partners support you to creating new, strategic and engaging content that will allow you to address your audience on social media to define and elevate your official image and enhance your reputation.

Media Content

Ricasoli Group offers you professional producers to create media content to inform, excite and engage your audience. Media production is one of the most effective marketing strategies in the Agency, with a high empathic and emotional impact that creates greater engagement and increases your brand image. Photo shoots and films will allow you to have and emotional contents for your institutional communication.

Digital Marketing

The Agency offers innovative, creative, sophisticated and analytical solutions to enhance your reputation. With our experts, your messages can reach globally influential markets, allowing you to gain the most positive exposure, PR and audience share. We manage the right online and offline channels for your needs to create opportunities to build effective relationships with your audience.

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