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We provide solution FOR healthcare facilities

Ricasoli Group has proven experience in healthcare communication and international patients logistical support. Our team has improved branding and communications for hospitals and private clinics, managing all their communication channels. Ricasoli Group excels in providing logistical support and fulfilling requests of international patients and their families.


Ricasoli Group supports your patients and their families with logistics, providing accommodation and security during their stay in your private clinic or hospital. We assist you to handle the demands of your international patients, to guarantee a unique experience.


Ricasoli Group takes care for your patients and their family organizing safe and comfortable transfers. With vast experience and specialist knowledge of logistics in every continent, the Agency facilitates journeys and co-ordinates every step of the transfer to maximize the time available. Organizing chauffeur services, commercial flights or private aircraft, Ricasoli Group provides secure transfers that meet your every need.


A successful experience for patients and their families revolves around their accommodation. Ricasoli Group prioritize your patient’s comfort, changing hospital rooms into desirable suites and adapting to your patient’s needs. Taking care to find the perfect accommodation to suit your patient’s family, means booking hotel rooms or private apartments near to your hospital, ensuring their comfort in the close vicinity of their loved one.


For the patient’s visiting family and personnel, Ricasoli Group provides a wide range of offers to have the chance to choose among many different tours that will touch upon the most beautiful locations, from breathtaking seaside spots to areas of historical relevance. Comfort and luxury treatments are always the first goal, with customizable service to satisfy every request.

Multi-purpose translation

For the duration of your stay Ricasoli Group gives you the option of using professional translators to meet the needs of your patient, their family and team, in order to understand medical information and ensure clear communication. Translators are available for written or spoken language in person or digitally for any length of time that suits you. All languages are available.

Safety and security

Ricasoli Group extends its safeguarding to your patient at the request of the facility or the patient, we are able to offer security in the ward where the patient is admitted, or during outings for the patient or his family, our specialised staff will be present to accompany and escort him to any destination, guaranteeing the safety and security of your patient.

Assistance 24/7

Ricasoli Group offers a 24/7 personal, tailor-made assistance service, to satisfy any requests or needs of the patient, their family and personnel. A professional team offers support to supply any information or advice, prioritizing the needs of your patient, their family, and personnel and maximizing the comfort and quality of their stay. We are the right partner to ensure wellbeing and customer satisfaction.



Ricasoli Group implements communication strategies to increase brand visibility and reputations of hospitals and private clinics. A consolidated expertise in healthcare communication, with a mission to sets your brand apart from your competitors.

Brand Image

Ricasoli Group’s designers will upgrade your brand and, where necessary, redesign your logo as part of the brand strategy to build you a strong reputation in your marketplace. Managing your corporate image, Ricasoli Group creates your online and offline marketing material including brochures, business card, packaging developing a memorable and unique brand image for your hospitals or private clinic.

Social Media

Ricasoli Group has a strategic and efficient approach in planning every action for healthcare social media management. The Agency works with your pre-existing social media channels, or set up new ones, to effectively target your audience creating memorable digital content, focusing on performance marketing to attract more patients to your social media channels.

Media Planning

Bringing our innovation to marketing, Ricasoli Group plan and execute media campaigns to engage, educate and inform with positive lasting impressions for healthcare organizations. We utilize a variety of media platforms online and offline, regional, national, and international to reach the largest targeted audience within your budget. From television and radio through to billboards, transport and Press advertising, Ricasoli are masters at heightening brand visibility.

Media Content

Ricasoli Group excels at film and photography production, producing all the elements used to build your brand strategy and improve your social media channels. We make story boards and scripts creating customized content showing all the medical procedures carried out by your doctors at your facilities, communicating the quality of care you provide to your patients increasing awareness and trust in your brand.

Event Management

Ricasoli Group has a proven expertise in supporting you, in planning your event and managing its communication. We offer a complete service for any kind of need, from inaugurating a new clinic or promoting a new service or department, to organizing fundraising galas with doctors and healthcare foundations or fundraising events. The Agency provides customized solution to take care of every detail and ensure a positive experience during your event.

Media Planning

Healthy competition within an industry breeds innovation, fine tuning business strengths. Ricasoli Group consultants help you to understand competitors, market projections and to consider best practice to improve your patient experience, engagement and loyalty, leading to increased trust in your healthcare facilities.



Ricasoli Group's advisors support your healthcare facility to gain more efficient online and offline communication systems, optimized resources, improved patient experience, and increased value for your users.

Our Investigation Facility

Ricasoli Group can investigate and find vulnerabilities in your online and offline system, identifying business weaknesses, developing asset priorities, opportunities and best practices. The Agency highlights how to boost systems performance and implement strategies to identify areas in need of attention. Ricasoli Group saves your organization time and, then, avoids wasting your budget.


The Agency works undercover to investigate the complete healthcare communication within your organisation from websites through to mystery customer service analysis, learning how to optimize your services, build brand trust and discover best practice. Detailed analytical and transparent reports are delivered by Ricasoli Group’s experienced team, proposing improvements for your facility.

Competitor Monitoring

Healthy competition within an industry breeds innovation, fine tuning a business's strengths. Ricasoli Group consultants help you to understand competitors, market projections and to consider best practice to improve your patient experience, engagement and loyalty, leading to increased trust in your healthcare facilities.

Report Conclusion

Ricasoli Group’s detailed collected data surveys and findings are analyzed to deliver a robust, quality report upon project finalization. Giving proposed solutions and recommendations, the report identifies best practices to improve your organization's systems, and unwanted cost implications.

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